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 Having termites inside of your home or business can be quite unsettling. termite swarming season has arrived. Termites are very slow eaters, and can take decades before they can make any significant damages to your property. In fact, it takes about sixty thousand termites to finish up a foot of wood.  Termites can feed on different varieties of wood. Which can be a scary thing for most property owners. In fact, Termites are important decomposers. Termites are responsible for breaking down tough plant fibers, recycling dead and decaying trees into new soil. They are responsible for the health of our forests.

 Signs of termites and their swarms are often mistaken for “black ants”.  Both insects live in colonies and take up residence in and around your home. Knowing how to identify the differences will help further guide you in taking the next step.

 1. Dry-wood termites which live above ground only eat dry, dead wood, including man-made structures such as homes and furniture. Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites do not need contact with soil. They typically build their structures inside of hardwood floors or dead trees. Since their colonies are much smaller than other termite colonies, they generally cause property damage at a much slower rate.

 2. Damp-wood termites live in damp, rotting wood or in live wood plants. Based on where they build their colonies, Dampwood termites are rarely found inside of houses and or other manmade structures especially since most of their materials do not have enough moisture for a termite to reside in.

3. Subterranean termites usually need moisture to live. You will usually catch these insects on a soil based nest. Their nests are typically built as  the largest nest than any other insect in the entire United States. These nests are mud like tube structures that are connected to their food sources, such as trees, fence posts and structural timbers inside of homes. Subterranean termites are responsible for majority of property damage in the whole country.  

   Termites are also known as “silent destroyers”. Termites could easily reside within your property without any noticeable signs. Once a termite is spotted, it could already be a possible sign for significant damage caused to your home.  To further help protect your home from any termite invasions it is best for you to get periodic inspections for your home at least once a year. Calling one of our trained Pest Control Specialists, guarantees you a secure free thorough home inspection as well as a free estimate. Not only does it prevent any more future infestations, it increases your chances of minimizing the amounts of damage they could have cost you if found and treated immediately.

Fix any leaky faucets and other noticeable water leaks around your home. Failing to do so could easily attract termites. Termites survive off of water. Natural precipitation such as rain is one of their main sources of water. You also want to be sure your home is properly ventilated. Homes that are poorly ventilated could be more susceptible to moisture buildup and attract termites even more as they search for water.

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